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Decorative hardware of Limoges porcelain


MÉRIGOUS is a family business established in 1954 south of Limoges, now is the leader in fabrication of door handles made of Limoges porcelain.


After three generations of porcelainiers, the company successively applied its expertise to decorative hardware, technical porcelain, ceramic components for urban furniture and porcelain signs.


Market leader since the 80s, in the 90s MÉRIGOUS incorporated an industrial design bureau to meet the demand and requirements of its’ vast clientele: specialized stores, hardware stores, decorating stores, European furniture manufacturers, museums and luxury hotels.


Thus, annually MÉRIGOUS renews its product lines, alone or in collaboration with outsourced designers.


In 2008, MÉRIGOUS was labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, in recognition of its know-how and innovations. This label comes in addition to an impressive list of distinctions: Gold Medal at the Batimat Design Trophy and Discovery Awards of Maison & Objet.


Recently, following its participation in the URBACER program, MÉRIGOUS embarked on the creation of urban ceramic furniture, in unique contemporary design.

The company

Human-scale porcelain production, MÉRIGOUS employs 25 people gathered on a same site divided in two ateliers: manufacturing and decorating ateliers, occupying a total of 1600 m2.


MÉRIGOUS fosters long-lasting relationships, based on trust, with suppliers, staff and customers. The company’s ethic in ensuring an environmental and fair trade approach, is also proved by the numerous diagnostics.


Major MÉRIGOUS customers are naturally located in France, but the company also extends its activities to other countries in Europe, North America (USA, Canada) and Japan in such areas as luxury decorative hardware (door handles), furnishings (furniture knobs), electrical equipment and luxury bathroom fittings.

Know-how and products

Owning a collection of molds dating back nearly sixty years, the MÉRIGOUS factory masters assembly and mounting of porcelain with hardware.


Skilled employees perform manual casting, finishing, glazing and decoration with MÉRIGOUS enamels. Techniques are those traditionally used for working with Limoges porcelain: plaster mold casting, pressure casting and pressing into metal molds.


Specialized in manufacturing of door handles and furniture knobs, the company has an impressive catalog of shapes, colors and designs, ranging from classic to modern styles. MÉRIGOUS uses materials such as brass, stainless metals and special surface treatments to suit the tastes of its customers.


Innovative, MÉRIGOUS regularly files patents or receives Soleau envelopes. In addition, as a member of the European Center of Ceramics, the company participates in numerous research programs, particularly in partnership with the Research Center for Arts of Fire and Earth (CRAFT). Thus, the program URBACER pushes the boundaries of innovation in areas as diverse as street furniture (bollards, street signs), the indoor-outdoor furniture (unique chairs made of porcelain and stainless steel of exceptional quality), fashion, leather goods, jewelry or bathroom fittings.

Benefits of working with MÉRIGOUS?

Labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant since 2008, MÉRIGOUS has an excellent and reliable reputation that opened the doors of the biggest French groups: SAINT GOBAIN, LEGRAND, GALERIES LAFAYETTE, Groupe ADEO, LAPEYRE, LEROY MERLIN, CASTORAMA…


Combining tradition and innovation, MÉRIGOUS also conquered the trust of the Historical Monuments of France chief architects, of the National Museums in Paris and of the BAZAR de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris.


With this approach, the manufacture MÉRIGOUS was selected to fabricate all porcelain signs of the City of Ceramics in Limoges, inaugurated in June 2012 by the French Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filipetti.

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