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Jean Roze

French silk manufacturer



JEAN ROZE, led by Antoinette Roze, is a silk manufacture. The Roze family created it in the seventeenth century in Tours, a French city of the Loire valley.


The company nowadays


Today, Antoinette Roze, daughter of Jean Roze is the head of the company and represents the twelfth generation of the Roze family, perpetuating the traditional manufacture. 


The company now develops its specific upholstery fabrics for major designers as well as historical monuments or public buildings in Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Russia - More than 70% of its turnover comes from export.




Specialist in weaving very upscale fabrics, JEAN ROZE has a rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship that combines quality and rarity.


All fabrics are manufactured in French factories and made from natural materials (silk, cotton, wool or linen) or synthetic materials derived from cellulose (bemberg or rayon). The company does not use any petrochemical products, as they do not provide the same level of quality or comfort.


In 2000, JEAN ROZE opened a dye-house that allows meeting the specific demands of designers in a very reactive way, playing with materials, designs, texture and colors.


In addition to the latest looms, the company maintained a fleet of old machines to adapt to the more accurate method of custom-built production.


JEAN ROZE silks decorate interiors of luxurious private residences, upscale hotels, museums or historical monuments like Buckingham Palace or Chateau de Villandry in the Loire Valley...



Fabrics manufactured by JEAN ROZE meet the French tradition. They offer authentic quality and timeless aesthetic value that do not fade away under the influence of fashion trends.


Patterns and colorations are regularly updated to accommodate the needs of customers and to personalize their orders, whether it is classical or contemporary fabrics.

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